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Written By: Jim Radloff
Mar 15, 2009
Article #51

Washington State’s Premier Restaurant and Retail Real Estate Specialist
 Site Selection - Acquisitions - Sales
With a combined 50 year Real Estate experience, Don Newman and Jim Radloff have placed hundreds of Restaurant and Retail Business’s in prime locations throughout the State of Washington and nationally. By specializing in this market segment, Newman Properties is perfectly positioned to match restaurant and retail concepts with locations that will maximize sales and profits. Additionally, WA Brokers established an alliance between Newman Properties and the highly successful Selling Restaurants and Selling Stores to provide access to hundreds of locations that are available for acquisition and over 17,000 registered buyers. So whether you are interested in growing or selling your business, Newman Properties will provide you with an efficient, cost effective solution.
Site Selection
The process starts with a thorough assessment of our clients location needs. With the experience of negotiating hundreds of leases in major mall, power center, airport, strip and free standing locations, we are able to quickly produce a portfolio of options for your review. You can pick the best of the best and we will then meet with you to visit the locations. From there we will work with you to secure the locations under the best economic conditions. As your representative we are only interested in finding you the best our market has to offer and we are not influenced by who has the listing. Your success is our only goal.
Acquisitions and Sales
WA Brokers forged a relationship between Newman Properties, Selling Restaurants and Selling Stores to facilitate the most efficient process for the sale and acquisition of restaurant and retail businesses. By tapping into this state of the art web based resource we are able to assist you in selling locations either as a business opportunity or as asset based real estate. 
Selling Restaurant/Selling Stores has been successfully bringing buyers and sellers together by innovative marketing on the web. The process is simple. You provide us with the listing and we post it on our web site with enough information to attract one of our 17,000 registered prospective buyers. We have also identified the prospects that have demonstrated an interest in your kind of opportunity and they are sent a personal e-mail forwarding your listing.   If they would like more information they are required to sign an online confidentiality agreement to streamline the typical paper chase process. Our typical listing will have dozens of confidentiality agreements signed within the first hours of web placement. This reduces the time our listings stay on the market significantly.  Historically our typical listing is on the market for 60 days and sells for 90% of the asking price. 
If you a have location to sell, we can create a lot of interest quickly. And if you are interested in expanding through acquisition, we can provide a steady stream of opportunities for you to consider. 
Washington Brokers is your total resource for Real Estate activity in the State of Washington. Please contact us at 1 425 771 5590 on web at We look forward to working with you.
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