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Listing #5157

Restaurant & Bar w/Hard Liquor - College Area - Low Rent

Price: $99,000
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Restaurant & Bar w/Hard Liquor - College Area - Low Rent

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This restaurant and bar has operated for 14 years, has a large bar area serving hard liquor and seats more than 50 customers.  It feels a bit like a steakhouse.  The dining area is in great shape and seats another 100+ customers. 

This business also sells Lotto tickets, which covers the real estate taxes.

For the chef, there is a large kitchen area you're going to love. The build-out is great and the money put into the space shows. There are two dining areas where one can be closed-up to convert to a banquet room. 

There is a great staff in place ready for a new owner. And to add sweetness to this deal, the landlord is fantastic to work with. 

There are over 100 parking spaces and this business is located on a very high traffic location. 

This restaurant shows well. Go out and see it!

This is a MJ Kinney Brokerage, LLC. listing.
Licensed Real Estate Broker New York Michael Kinney DRE License #37K10989135
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General Information
Listing Status: Available
Price: $99,000
Location: Syracuse
Last Year's Annual Gross: $450,000
Lease Information: new lease
Monthly Rent: $2,500
Liquor License: Full
Indoor Seating: 175
Number of Parking Spots: 100
# of Part-Time Employees: 8
# of Full-Time Employees: 1
# of Family Employees: 1
# of Working Owners: 1
Hours Open: Mon day thru Sunday 11:30 am to 11:30 pm
Year Established: 2003
Inside Sq. Ft.: 3500
Total Building Sq. Ft.: 5000
Hood System Type 1: Yes
Hood System Type 2: Yes
  • Busy road

  • Oak bar seating for 75 plus

  • Large kitchen

  • Close to college campus

  • Two dinning rooms

  • Updated bathrooms

  • Parking 100 plus

  • Could make a great steak house

  • Cheap rent

  • Close to Cortland college and sports field

  • Building very good shape

  • Bring a menu or use his ready to make money

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