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Listing #5260

GREAT SUB FRANCHISE in a Very Desired Area of San Fernando Valley

Price: $299,999
GREAT SUB FRANCHISE in a Very Desired Area of San Fernando Valley

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This Franchised SUB Shop is located in a large shopping center in the San Fernando Valley. It has been in business since 1993 serving this High End Community. This community continues to grow as more homes and businesses are being built in the immediate area growing the customer base potential. Besides the building of new homes there continues to be more businesses coming to area including a Medical Facility and Hotel to name a couple.

The business has been seeing sales averaging just under $10,000 per week for past couple years and 2018 is at a good pace to see this trend continue. Owner has been bringing home an adjusted income of approx. $64,000 a year, SellingRestaurants has not verified these earnings and Buyer should do their due diligence with their CPA.  The rent is approx $5,475 per month total including CAM. Rent REDUCTION coming in October!! Seller owns another business that has required most of his time so this business has been help run for the majority of the time with just drop by's from Owner with limited time to really keep it at peak performance.

Buyer will need to be approved by local Franchisor representative in passing a standardized test. Then the Buyer will need to pay cost of travel, accommodations, ETC to get to Franchisors training facility for the 2 week training in which all aspects of the business operation and controls will be taught as well as hands on training in the field at local sub shops.

Buyer must have a minimum of 50% Cash plus closing costs, inventory cost and travel monies to go to training. There are companies that deal with this franchise that can be contacted for loan on balance that can be shared once approved by Franchisor. Franchisor may also require a balance in reserve for up coming remodel, this will also be discussed during initial meeting with Franchisor.

The deal includes the restaurants goodwill, furniture, fixtures and equipment owned by owner. 

The franchise charges 8.5% for royalties and 4% for advertising fund from net sales. The Advertising allows restaurant to receive National and Local advertising on multiple venues like TV, radio, social media, print ads, ETC.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR VISIT CONFIDENTIAL, Do NOT Talk to employees about business being for sale!!

This is a a Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc. listing.
Agent Stuart Schlosser DRE License #01809021
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General Information
Listing Status: Available
Price: $299,999
Location: San Fernando Valley
Lease Information: Oct 31 2023 + 2 - 5 year options
Monthly Rent: $5,474
Indoor Seating: 14
Number of Parking Spots: lots
# of Part-Time Employees: 4
# of Full-Time Employees: 4
Hours Open: 6AM - 11PM Mon- Fri 7AM - 10PM Sat & Sun
Year Established: 1993
Inside Sq. Ft.: 945
Hood System Type 2: Yes
  • National Advertising

  • Growing Social Media Presence


  • Strong Steady Sales

  • Nations #1 Sub Franchise

  • Employee Training Program

  • On Going Support from Franchisor

Notice: The User (that's you reading this) of this Website understands that Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc. ("Broker") or its agent(s) do not audit or verify any above information given to or gathered by Broker or its agent(s) from Seller, our Client, or make any warranties or representations as to its accuracy or completeness of the information provided, nor in any way guarantee future business performance. The User should perform a complete and detailed due diligence on the business and or real estate before buying it.  In some cases, foreward looking statements may have been made but these statements are absolutely no guarantees of future performance of the business as each User has differing skills sets to either grow the business or kill the business.  Owning a business is a risky venture, but can also be a rewarding one.  The User of this website is solely responsible to examine and investigate the Business and or real estate, its assets, liabilities, financial statements, tax returns, and any other facts which might influence the User's purchase decision or the price the User is willing to pay. Any decision by User to purchase the Business shall be based solely on User's own investigation and that of User's legal, tax, and other advisors and not that of Broker or its agent(s). Any listing information may change at any time without any notice to User.

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