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Listing #2090

Absentee Operated Family Style Restaurant with Proven History and Profit

Price: $225,000
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Absentee Operated Family Style Restaurant with Proven History and Profit Washington Brokers presents you a profitable lunch restaurant. The owner has had this restaurant for 22 years and has done a phenomanel job of running it. If you're looking for an investment that doesn't need any changes and it runs itself and will service the debt with money left over at the end of the day, then you must look at this business.

The restaurant is open Monday through Friday, with a light breakfast and lunch.

Of course if you want more, the options are limitless. Walk in the door and notice how immaculate the restuaurant is maintained. It is very warm, cozy and inviting and comes complete with over 500 specialty made linen napkins. The center bar is 18 feet in length and built fully equipped with power to set up a buffet on. They often host pasta night banquets for some of the local teams.

During the daytime it doubles as a sitting area or a place to just gather and enjoy friends. Or maybe you would like to buy some fresh spices by the pound, how about some candy? The decor is authentic and consistent throughout the restaurant. The restaurant even comes equipped with a washer and dryer.

Most importantly this restaurant has been built by a couple with great care for all the fine details and as a result they have this warm, one of a kind, profit making restaurant.

Go in for lunch, if you can't make it in, drive by, press your nose against the window, call me, I will get you in.

This restaurant has good tax returns available. Ask for them and we'll get them to you if you;re qualified.

This is an Add Value Alliance Inc listing.
This is a Add Value Alliance, Inc. listing.
Founder Lawrence Braden

General Information
Listing Status: Sold
Price: $225,000
Location: Tacoma ~ Vancouver ~ Olympia
Last Year's Annual Gross: $218,760
Last Year's Owner's Cash Flow: $73,693
Lease Information: Expires Jan 2012 + 5 yr option
Monthly Rent: $1,693
Indoor Seating: 100
Number of Parking Spots: 100
# of Part-Time Employees: 6
# of Full-Time Employees: 1
# of Family Employees: 1
Hours Open: 9 to 4 Monday through Friday
Year Established: 1980
Inside Sq. Ft.: 2800
Hood System Type 1: Yes
  • Profit,Profit,Profit,Profit,Profit., in other words "it makes money"

  • 500 plus specialty linen napkins

  • Warm, friendly, inviting , amazing

  • Super location with high volume traffic

  • Only 2 miles from the Capital Steps in Olympia

  • Bus Shopping area and clean presentation of both restaurant and surrounding area

  • Includes Type 1 Hood, Stove, Oven, 3 Kitchen aids, tons of sinks

  • Dinnerware (plates, utensils, glasses)for 100 plus people

  • Monday through Friday operation that has been non owner managed

  • No Saturdays open leaves you the option to cater private parties on that day for extra revenue stream

  • Solid wood tables, two old antique wood stoves included in sale

  • Well organized operation from top to bottom


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