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Listing #3184

6 year Old Smoothie Establishment-Price cut in half

Price: $127,500
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6 year Old Smoothie Establishment-Price cut in half

Presenting a great opportunity to get in and own your own smoothie empire thats making money and being offered below market value. We are currently offering 3 locations in Kitsap county. Someone can buy one, or all three for a steal. It is not a franchise, therefore that allows tremendous amount of flexibility in the menu and retail items.

This store is the original flagship location, with 6 years under its belt and great sales. The other two stores were added in 2006 and 2009. If a person wants they can buy all three and introduce some new marketing and reinvent. Between years 5 and 7 remarketing and tweeking have proven to take a company the next 5 years if done right, be that person. The owners have been self supporting with the stores and have loved the customers and the area.

Go check it out for yourself, they have a great base to draw from. Enjoy and as they say Eat Happy!

This is an Add Value Alliance Inc DBA Washington Brokers Listing.

This is a Add Value Alliance, Inc. listing.
Founder Lawrence Braden

General Information
Listing Status: Sold
Price: $127,500
Location: Bremerton ~ Bainbridge ~ San Juan Islands
Last Year's Annual Gross: $396,416
Last Year's Owner's Cash Flow: $49,478
Lease Information: Expires 2014
Monthly Rent: $2,233
Indoor Seating: 30
Number of Parking Spots: 50
# of Part-Time Employees: 3
# of Full-Time Employees: 1
# of Family Employees: 1
Hours Open: Monday through Saturday 7 am to 7 pm
Year Established: 2004
Inside Sq. Ft.: 1400
  • Flagship Store-Opened 6 years ago

  • As of July 1, 2010 they paid to drop the franchise

  • Unlimited, Unrestricted growth and expansion allowed

  • Busy Store

  • Amazing Customer Base

  • NNN includes water,sewer, garbage, tax and insurance

  • This is one of three

  • Priced to Sell

  • Warm, friendly environment

  • Fully stocked with everything you need to keep going.


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This is a "Charter Business Brokers" Listing.


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